FIR Medical (FIRM)

is a digital-first, clinician supervised platform that helps people attain a better quality of life and achieve greater productivity by treating their health deterioration due to capillary blood flow impairment.
We are in the process of developing several innovative therapeutics, empowered by our proprietary and patented far-infrared (FIR) light emission/amplification technology. Upon completing clinical trials and receiving FDA clearance, we will go to market with tightly integrated in-clinic and at-home digital monitoring, both under the supervision of our professional medical staff, to ensure effective treatment and persistent care for our patients.
Patient wearing FirmHear® for in-clinic treatment.
Patient wearing FirmHear® for at-home treatment in a much more relaxed setting.
FirmHear® , our audiology solution for treating tinnitus and hearing loss, is a lightweight, wireless headset with noise canceling earmuffs, where our embedded FirmFocus® is able to pinpoint its light source directly at the patient’s inner ear for achieving the most optimal blood flow rejuvenation, thereby improving the underlying hearing impairment.